Reports & Consulting

Reporting Service

Quantitative analysis and interpretation of neurophysiological data offered by the world-experts team. QEEG and ERP post-hoc processing consist of FTT Spectra, Coherence, ICA of ERP, etc.; sLORETA (3D reconstruction and analysis of the brain activity source); statistical comparison of the individual’s QEEG and ERPs with normative reference databases of healthy subject classified by age.

Therapy recommendations offered based on the following:

  • Provided clinical information

  • The results of the extensive analysis of neurophysiological data

  • Existing to date scientific medical/psychological publications (PubMed)

Suggestions include:

  • Individual EEG-biofeedback

  • Biofeedback

  • Neuromodulation protocols

Additional advice can be provided for diet, supply’s/drugs suggestions.

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